Where Can I Buy Natural Cleaning Product in Hong Kong - Ecoegghk.com
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About Us

The Birth of the Ecoegg


A lack of alternatives to the chemical laden laundry products industry, caused a new discovery and the Ecoegg was born. It is kind to your skin as well as being completely natural. We produced our first product by channeling the power of nature, the Ecoegg Laundry egg, and haven’t looked back since!

The eco laundry egg is a new innovative detergent and is a complete replacement of traditional detergent. You just need to put it in the drum of the washing machine – without powder, liquid, tablets or gels. Two types of pellets inside the egg create a powerful effect and, produces a special composition that, penetrates the fibers of the fabric, gently and effectively cleaning the clothes of both dust and dirt.

Our Mission & Morals

  • To produce household products that are driven by customer’s needs.
  • Environmentally friendly and free from harsh chemicals.
  • Economical and easy on your pocket
  • Revolutionizing the way people think about household products by providing innovative and effective alternatives to traditional products.

A small egg with a big personality

We are passionate about producing eco-friendly products that don’t include any harsh chemicals, are environmentally friendly and good for your health. The compound used in Ecoegg does not contain phosphates, cares for sensitive skin, leaving no traces of chemicals on clothes after washing!
Great for children’s clothes and newborns.

We want everyone to LIVE CLEVER.